How Does it Work?

HalleyAssist - How Does It Work?

HalleyAssist® is designed to empower seniors, those community members who are suffering some form of disability and others who desire independence but need a level of support to live autonomously.

The system functions as a non-intrusive “virtual companion” providing support through sensors which detect motion during the day or night. It can automate and set prescription, hydration, exercise and appointment reminders, tasks and monitor heart rate and sleep patterns. It also provides an additional layer of home security with intruder detection capabilities.

Over a short period of time, HalleyAssist® learns typical activity pattern and daily routine, activating alerts and escalations to loved ones or staff in the event of falls, anomalies or any changes in behaviour.

The Assisted Aged Care Living solution consists of a central hub, speakers and multi-function sensors paired with adaptive learning software, and is installed within the home, retirement village or aged care facility. It is easily installed and designed to be non-intrusive blending into all home environments. HalleyAssist®’s easy-to-use interface can be customised and maintained using smart phones, tablets, and computers.

The data collection and deep analytics engine provides the senior, loved ones, healthcare and aged care professionals with a comprehensive overview of the person’s day-to-day wellbeing. Unlike typical smart home systems, your data is safe and securely kept on your local system hub, maintaining your privacy and avoiding any risk of data theft.

HalleyAssist® provides a platform, similar to an Apple App Store environment, for apps to be developed for the Digital Assisted Aged Care market, which will allow for more features and functionalities across time.