Dashboard for organisational use

In addition to consumer use, HalleyAssist® has been designed for use by professional healthcare individuals or organisations using a smart dashboard. This can be done simultaneously with the App used by family members. Family members can see the data to monitor their loved ones well-being while organisations monitor their health.

These organisations include:

  • in-home aged care providers.
  • residential aged care providers.
  • disability care providers.
  • General Practitioners.
  • local area health services or hospitals.

Aged care, disability care and healthcare organisations providing care in use a smart dashboard that can connect to multiple HalleyAssist® systems. Systems may be the home or in residential care  located across single or multiple facilities or a wide geography.

Information is provided using a “traffic light” system that alerts carers to any issues and allows detailed information and history to be viewed for any HalleyAssist® hub.

Care organisations typically are reliant on sporadic and subjective call notes to manage the health and care of their clients. HalleyAssist®allows them to use real time and historical data  including:

  • movement.
  • sleep time and quality.
  • time spent in and out of the residence.
  • monitoring the use of rooms such as kitchen, lounge, bathrooms.
  • weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oximetry.

Families can see in real time that their loved ones are well, healthy and being cared for, whether in their own home or in a care facility. Alerts generated are visible by both the professional care organisation and family giving greater confidence of levels of care and transparency of service provision.

Urgent alerts, such as falls, are “pushed” to be immediately visible.

Example of a push falls alert