HalleyAssist® overview

HalleyAssist®‘s design is centred around a tiny but powerful hub device connected to an array of wireless sensors placed around a home or residence. Discrete sensors measure presence, movement, sleeping and importantly, falls. Easy to interpret data is  provided to family and carers in real time. Health status can be checked at any time with a glance via an App. Care organisations use a multi-user smart dashboard. Significant health issues are delivered by immediate push alerts.
The device size and aesthetics are minimalist and designed to be completely unobtrusive. Users say they are unaware of the presence of hardware.

HalleyAssist® requires no wearable devices or any interaction from users.

No cameras are used.

Users report they feel cared for and help will come when needed but do not feel any negative impacts on their privacy.

HalleyAssist® information management

HalleyAssist® has been designed to:

  • require no interaction by users – fully functional for any cognitive ability (Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers).
  • deliver information on actions, movements and status in real time via an App and dashboard to family and carers.
  • detect short-term incidents such as lack of movement, falls, security issues, “out of bed” events and night wandering.
  • effectively detect immediate and long-term health issues to allow early interventions.
  • allow easy integration of new sensors and other systems such as wearables and medication management systems.
  • be unobtrusive – no screens, buttons to press or pendants to wear.
  • deliver reminders, calendar events and other customised messages by an optional Vox speaker.
  • provide data privacy.

Benefits include:

  • Families gain great peace of mind in being able to see the welfare of their loved ones at any time.
  • Users live healthier lives in their own homes and the community for longer.
  • Users report feeling more secure knowing help is available when needed and when they cannot call for help.
  • Alerts indicate emerging physical and mental health issues.
  • Vox reminders improve nutrition and medication compliance.
  • Improves efficiency and quality of care by reducing the need for wasteful “checking in” – allows productive visits and productive health assessments.
  • Real data with history provide allows improved care and early intervention to impending health issues.
  • Less time spent in hospital or high level care with quality of life with cost savings to families and healthcare systems.
  • Provides cost savings and efficiencies in resources to users, their families, care providers and Government.

HalleyAssist® design impact

1. HalleyAssist® effectively detects immediate and long-term health issues. Allows early interventions = better health outcomes and quality of life.
2. Demonstrated to provide cost efficiencies in resources to users, their families, care providers and clinicians.
3. Users report feeling more secure knowing help is available when needed, even when they are unable to call for help.
4. Families have reduced stress by being able to see at a glance the status of their loved ones – in real time. Users live in their own homes and the community for longer.
5. Hardware is minimal, portable, has a long lifespan and is ultimately recyclable.

Key features

1. Unobtrusive system and requires no interaction from users – works for people of any cognitive ability including Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease suffers.
2. Fast (~50 mins) to install, no wiring.
3. Fully tested and proven in trials to be 100% usable and accepted by users (including Dementia suffers), their families and carers.
4. The Al functionality is truly world class – recently proven by a large trial in home based aged care trial.
5. Optional Vox system reminders for hydration, medication or appointments – reduces reliance on memory and improves medical compliance.
6. Medical staff have access to real health data such as sleep time and quality, hydration, toilet frequency to make more informed medical decisions.
7. Hardware design led by the Australian based HalleyAssist® engineering team in partnership with domain experts from leading Universities to perfect the critical Al components.