AI powered IoT platform technology enabling improved Health monitoring

HalleyAssist® is an Artificial Intelligence (Al) powered remote monitoring loT platform.

Created to care for the elderly, disabled and those living with health risks – in their own home or residential facility. Simple and inexpensive hardware delivers real time information to family and carers. Both the elderly and their loved ones have peace of mind that help is always rapidly accessible. The AI learns normal behaviours to alert family and carers in real time to urgent health issues such as falls. It also identifies and alerts to subtle health changes to allow early health interventions.

We have recently developed HalleyAssist HealthWatch™ to allow Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). This allows an array of medical devices (blood pressure, glucose, weight, pulse oximetry, activity tracking) to be connected, when clinically indicated. Health data is delivered directly to carers and clinicians. Easy to interpret and actionable information is delivered in real time to family and professional carers allowing early intervention for emerging health issues.

  • Unique, human-centred design means HalleyAssist® works for users of any cognitive ability, including dementia sufferers.
  • Performance trials demonstrate 100% usability and acceptance by users and their families.
  • Independent economic analysis shows significant improvements to health outcomes and healthcare efficiency.
  • Improvements in staff scheduling and reduction of unproductive activities delivers up to 8% efficiency improvements.

HalleyAssist® allows our most vulnerable people to live more independent, healthier lives and remain in their own home for longer and provides confidence that optimal care is available when needed.

HalleyAssist® allows vulnerable people to live more independent and healthier lives in their own home for longer.

The global challenge of care

The world’s population growth is slowing while the elderly are living longer and healthier lives. The resulting rapid growth in the proportion of the population who are elderly is combined with a decline in the proportion of population who are working and able to provide care or fund aged care services.

Significant healthcare challenges arising from this include:

  • a significant increase in demand — those aged over 85 are the main users of aged care services, and their numbers are increasing.
  • an increasing preference for independent living arrangements supported by community care.
  • a desire for greater autonomy and choice in aged care services.
  • living at home longer has many health and economic benefits and reduces the burden on healthcare systems.
  • securing a significant expansion in the aged care workforce.
  • current disability care models are reliant on manual labour with associated funding and staff availability issues impacting quality of care.


The elderly, the disabled and those living with health risks require monitoring to bring care and allow early intervention when issues arise. This will allow them to live independently and feel cared for but also that they do not feel they are a burden to carers and their family.

HalleyAssist® is a remote monitoring care platform that allows vulnerable members of our society to live more independently for longer. It includes a tiny but powerful hub device connected to a flexible array of sensors that measure presence, movement, sleeping and importantly, falls.

Data is analysed and provided to family and carers in real time. Health status can be checked at any time with a glance via an App or multi-user Dashboard for care organisations. Significant health issues are delivered by immediate push alerts.

Our Assisted Aged Care Living solution is designed to empower seniors in the home, retirement village or aged care facility; providing support as a non-intrusive “virtual companion”.