App for consumer use

HalleyAssist® is designed to connect the elderly and those living with disabilities and health risks with their families, loved ones and carers.

HalleyAssist® hardware is installed in a user’s living spaces. Easy to interpret information is delivered in real time to family and carers via an App. User’s welfare can be checked at any time at a glance. Push alerts are sent one or more App users.

Aged care data tells us that independent living allows our seniors to live happier, healthier lives for longer. Many, however, require daily assistance and care and could be subject to health emergencies and daily care is often provided by a mix of family, home care providers, and clinicians. The success relies on care by family members that may add significant time requirements and family stress. In addition, this care can be labour intensive and economically inefficient. In many parts of the world, Governments are unable to provide funding assistance and labour resources needed but struggle to keep up with the growing need.

Well designed technology that can remotely monitor and report on the elderly can provide many answers to this growing problem and significantly improve the efficiency of care. The Australian Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety report in 2021 specifically names 8 recommendations supporting improved use of technologies to improve the efficiency, safety and care in the sector including supporting Transitioning to care at home models.

HalleyAssist® has been designed to be:

  • suitable for installation in any home or dwelling type.
  • simple and fast to install without the need wiring and drilling.
  • portable – can be moved with the user.

Information that their loved one at home or in a residential facility are well is available to family.

Information is delivered in real time and an assessment can be made at a glance by way of an App (Android and Apple IOS).

Urgent alerts and alerts to changes that may indicate emerging issues are provided by way of push alerts.

A wide range of detailed information is available with an intuitive screen press.

HalleyAssist®helps with:

  • Short-term issues including:
    • out of bed, falls, security
    • nutrition, night wandering
    • lack of motion
    • medication
    • hydration
  • Longer term issues including:
    • Depression
    • Infection
    • Security alerts
    • Heartbeat monitored
    • Appointment reminders
    • Movement alerts
    • Anomaly detection
    • Hydration reminder
    • Medication reminders
    • Security monitoring
    • Night light – safe night movements
    • General wellness progress

HalleyAssist® technology allow users to live more independently for longer and feel cared for. They also feel that they are less of a burden to carers and their family.