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HalleyAssist® is an Australian company with a mission to allow vulnerable people to live safe and supported lives.

Our Artificial Intelligence (Al) powered remote monitoring loT platform is designed to care for the elderly, disabled and those living with health risks. Reliable and unobtrusive, sleep and movements are monitored in home or residential care facilities. Featuring highly functional AI that has been published in peer reviewed journals, HalleyAssist® learns behaviours and movements. It identifies and alerts to subtle behaviour changes and urgent issues such as falls without the need for wearable devices.

The recent development of HalleyAssist HealthWatch™ includes Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). An array of medical devices (blood pressure, glucose, weight, pulse oximetry, activity tracking) may be connected, when clinically indicated, with data delivered directly to clinicians. Easy to interpret and actionable information is delivered in real time to family and professional carers allowing early intervention for emerging health issues.

Unique, human-centred design means HalleyAssist® works for users of any cognitive ability, including dementia sufferers. Performance trials demonstrate 100% usability and acceptance by users and their families. Independent economic analysis shows significant improvements to health outcomes and healthcare efficiency. Improvements in staff scheduling and reduction of unproductive activities delivers up to 8% efficiency improvements. HalleyAssist® allows our most vulnerable people to live more independent, healthier lives and remain in their own home for longer and provides confidence that optimal care is available when needed.

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