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HalleyAssist® is a business providing hardware and AI powered firmware to monitor health remotely. Our customers are healthcare care, aged care and disability care organisations and facilities and private individuals.

We are an Australian Proprietary Listed company founded in 2015. HalleyAssist® currently uses a core team of on staff development engineers and at this early stage has a broadly skilled team of advisors and consultants to provide the core activities needed to grow the business.

Our mission is to provide technology solutions to improve AI powered health monitoring. This allows the ability for the ageing, disabled and those with health risks to maintain safe and supported lives and to allow them to live safely and for longer in their own home. We do this by providing a user-friendly, simple technology backed by Artificial Intelligence and an application ecosystem that addresses contemporary aged care management challenges. It dramatically improves efficiency of care providers and response times to healthcare challenges. It also allows better and more cost-effective service provision with better health outcomes.

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