HalleyAssist HealthWatch™ adds Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to the HalleyAssist® monitoring platform

Patients with health problems often recover in their own home better than a hospital. HalleyAssist HealthWatch™ enables remote delivery of expert medical care to enable “Hospital in the Home”. Family and clinicians can easily monitor users in real time to enable early and rapid intervention for urgent and emerging issues.

The HalleyAssist HealthWatch™ is co-designed with stakeholders including elderly users, family members and clinical care providers.
A flexible range of connected physiological sensors based on clinical need delivers patient monitoring data to a dashboard that is easily connected to existing clinical data management systems.

We have designed a system that is:
– unobtrusive. Patients are not required to interact with the system or use wearables.
– fully operational for patients with any level of cognitive ability.
– designed to connect to any approved sensor. Allows flexibility in sensor choice and allows future upgradability.
– information to family and interoperable with hospital patient management systems.

  • Designed to be interoperable with clinical data management systems
  • Supports healthcare delivery in the home
  • In home patient monitoring in real time:
    • movement
    • sleep
    • falls monitoring without wearables
  • Combined with approved medical devices to measure:
    • weight
    • blood pressure
    • pulse oximetry
    • glucose
    • activity tracking
  • Unobtrusive
  • Suitable for patients at any level of cognitive ability

The main benefits of HalleyAssist HealthWatch™ :
– Works for any cognitive ability including Dementia and Alzheimer’s Diseases.
– Ease of installation – requires no wiring.
– Portable – goes with users when they transition from home to residential care.
– Usable alerts – proven Al functionality alerts to emerging health issues.
– Allows connection to a range of wireless sensors and devices.
– Allows connection to hospital patient data management systems. This Integration allows the HalleyAssist® dashboard to show clinicians a patient’s progress and alerts against a personalised care plan directly gathered from the hospital system.
– Improves both efficiency and quality of healthcare.
– Connected and interoperable design eases connection to Hospitals and healthcare systems.