Aged Care Providers

Users & Caregivers

The aged care sector is one of the most highly regulated in Australia and there is little dispute over the need for regulations that protect residents.

However, some regulations are considered by the aged care sector to be an unnecessary burden. The Commonwealth government is reviewing these proposals to abandon some of these measures to enable greater consumer choice and encourage competition.

Care facilities often face challenges to provide suitable levels of care for a diverse aged population, through appropriately-skilled staff in a cost-effective environment. Quality aged care is extremely reliant on staff and their unique skills. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly clear that in general, care facility staff seldom have the necessary skills needed to deliver care that is truly outstanding. This skills gap is becoming more apparent with rising demand for quality staff, but with no way to fulfil the need.

With a lack of skilled staff, coupled with uncertain regulatory measures, another key challenge facing aged care providers in Australia is long-term financial stability. The burden is shifting on to service providers to consistently maintain quality and provide excellent care in the face of shrinking budgets, and it remains a looming challenge for aged care services everywhere.

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